Wednesday, April 27, 2011

$1 Voskos Coupon = Free at Publix

There is a new Voskos Coupon on - get your $1 Voskos Coupon here.

You can also get a $1 Voskos Coupon on Facebook.

Find a $1 Voskos Coupon in your SS insert from 4/10/11

Publix Deals:
This means that Voskos Greek Yogurt is Free at Publix this week, as they are on sale at 10 for $10.

Thank you to the Pink Coupon Cafe!

BIC Soleil Bella Coupon = Free At Publix

There is a great new BIC Soleil Bella Coupon on Facebook - Just like them and get your BIC Soleil Bella Coupon

Publix Deals:
Publix has BIC Razors on sale this week and BIC Soleil Bella is included in the sale according to I Heart Publix.

BIC Razors on BOGO Sale @ $5.49 
- 2 x $3 BIC Soilel Bella Coupons

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway at My Best Printable Coupons

My Best Printable Coupons is now on twitter, and to celebrate I think it is time for a new giveaway here at My Best Printable Coupons. I therefore have another Amazon gift card to give away to a lucky reader here at My Best Printable Coupons. 

Win It!
Come on over and win a $5 Amazon online gift certificate.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Winner Announced Here.

The rules are simple. 

Mandatory entry:

Leave a Comment on a coupon post here at My Best Printable Coupons - Let me know which one. (1 entry - Leave 1 comment)

Bonus Entries (2 entries each - Leave 2 comments)

Subscribe to Subscribe to My Best Printable Coupons by Email - (5 entries - 5 comments)

Like My Best Printable Coupons on Facebook (2 entries - 2 comments)

Follow My Best Printable Coupons via Google Friend Connect (2 entries - 2 comments)

Follow My Best Printable Coupons via Twitter (2 entries - 2 comments)

Tweet or Facebook about this giveaway - Can be done once daily:  (2 entries - 2 comments)

Example Tweet:
#Win an Amazon Gift Card at My Best Printable Coupons @BestPrintCoupon #Giveaway Ends 5/22

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

$1.50 Lysol Coupon - Save It For A BOGO Sale!

There is a great $1.50 off Lysol Coupon on Facebook, all you have to do is like Lysol on Facebook and then go get your high-value Lysol Coupon.

Thank you to Amanda from Saving Myself Silly for sharing this coupon.

Monday, April 18, 2011

HOT! $2 Heinz Ketchup Coupon (No Size Restrictions) GONE

Wow! Hot Coupon Alert! Hurry over and print this high-value $2 Heinz Ketchup Coupon - get your Heinz Ketchup Coupon here.

Coupon details: Heinz Ketshup Coupon expires 5/18, no size restriction. This is a Bricks coupon I first received a message saying that I had already printed this one, but then I hit arrow back and tried again. This time it worked, and I was able to print two copies.

Save this one for a bogo sale, or use it on a small size of Heinz ketchup to get it for free. There are no size restrictions.

Thank you to Southern Savers for sharing this coupon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Free Peeps at Walgreens - With Peeps Coupon

This week you can get free Peeps at Walgreens, with this Peeps coupon, and with this Facebook Peeps Coupon. In the past week I have gotten free Skittles eggs, Free m&m eggs, free Snickers eggs and free Skittle Blenders. I have also gotten free Hershey's Easter eggs and free Russell Stover chocolate at CVS.....and I am now ready for the Easter egg hunt in the back yard. I am sure my kids will be excited about their Peeps too.

Buy 2 Peeps Chocolate Candy with Walgreens store coupon on page 9 in new ad = $1
(Limit 6)
Use the $1 off 2 Peeps Coupon

Get 2 Free Peeps after coupon
Coupon details:  You can only print one coupon per computer. Ad prints after coupon, make sure to cancel print as soon as your coupon is through.

Thank you to Budget Savvy Diva for sharing this deal.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

$1 Milka Coupon - Delicious Swiss Chocolate

I love love love Milka chocolate, it is so delicious that it melts on your tongue, and once you try Milka chocolates regular American chocolates will never be the same again. So hurry over to and print out a rare Milka coupon - get your chocolate coupon here.

Coupon details: Exp. 1 month from print date. Big ad prints after coupon, so make sure to clock cancel as soon as your coupon is through.

Thank you Totally Target for sharing  this coupon.

$1 Kraft Shredded Cheese Coupon

The $1 Kraft Shredded Cheese Coupon is available on Facebook again, if you have redeemed this one in the past, you may not be able to do so again. You can get your Kraft Shredded Cheese Coupon here.

Coupon details: Save $1 on any Kraft Shredded Cheese with a touch of Philadelphia. 

Make sure to keep an eye on for Target coupons to match with.

Thank you to For The Mommas for sharing this coupon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

$1 Cheez-It Coupon - Save It For BOGO Sale

My boys love Cheez-It, and I sure love Cheez-It with dipped in Hummus, so whenever there is a Cheez-It Coupon, I make sure to jump on it. If you have Cheez-It fans at home, make sure to print out a couple of this new $1 Cheez-It Coupon. Save it for a BOGO sale at your local Supermarket, and you are in for a great deal.

Coupon details: Save $1 on one package of Sunshine Cheez-It Baby Swiss Baked Snack Crackers (13.7 oz Exp. 5/17/2011

Thank you to The Coupon Posse

Monday, April 11, 2011

Free Skittles at Target with Skittles and Starburst Coupon

I am collecting free candy for the Easter hunt, so I am excited to be able to add free Skittles to my collection.  Get your Skittles coupon here. 

Coupon details: Save $0.50 off any two (2) packs of Skittles or Starburst Candy (no size exclusions)

Target Deals:

Target has small Skittles on sale at $0.69 each

2 for $0.69 = $1.38

Use the $0.50 Skittles Coupon

FREE after coupons

Thank you to Thrift Me for sharing this coupon.

New $1 Coca Cola Coupon or Dasani Coupon

There is a rare $1 off two 20 oz Coca Cola or Dasani products - Get your Coca Cola coupon here.

If you need this coupon, make sure to print it fast, as it is sure to be gone soon. Expiration is 4/30

Thank you Totally Target for sharing this Coca Cola and Dasani coupon.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

$75 In New Hasbro Coupons: Playskool Coupons, Nerf Coupons, Iron Man Coupons, Baby Alive Coupons And Much Much More

Hasbro just released $75 in new Hasbro coupons including Hasbro game coupons and Hasbro toy coupons such as Playskool coupons, Play-Doh coupons, Iron Man coupons, Nerf coupons, Chuck and Friends coupons and many many more. If you combine them with a good sale, you might be able to find a great deal. Below you will see a list of the new Hasbro game coupons and toy coupons. 

Hasbro Game Coupons:

Save $3 on the purchase of Hasbro Elefun of Gator Golf game - get your game coupon here

Save $3 on the purchase of one Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes game - get your game coupon here

Save $2 on the purchase of one Candy Land, Chutes or Laddders game - get your game coupon here

Save $3 on the purchase of one Bop It! Bop It! Bounce or Cuponk game - get your game coupon here

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Breyers Ice Cream Coupon - Cheap Cheap Ice Cream

I sure love ice cream, and if there is something I love even more it is ice cream coupons. Hurry on over and grab this $0.75 off 1 Breyers Ice Cream Coupon, you will sure to get a tasty reward.

Coupon Details: The Breyers Ice Cream Coupon is for $0.75 off 1 Breyers Blast (48 oz) ice cream. This is a flavor type, which I have not seen yet, but the expiration date is in September 2011, so I am sure it will arrive at my local Target or Publix store before then. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

$1 Aveeno Coupon + $1 Aveeno Target Coupon and $2 Aveeno Coupon at Recycle Bank

Get a $1 Aveeno coupon, when you like Aveeno on Facebook - get your printable Aveeno Coupon here.

You can also get a $2 Aveeno coupon at Recyclebank.

Check out for  a $1 Aveeno Target coupon to combine with the above Aveeno Coupon.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

$3 Connect 4 Game Coupon - Fill Your Easter Baskets

There is a great $3 of Connect 4 Game Coupon at Hasbro's Facebook Page - Get your Connect 4 Game Coupon here.

Coupon details: Save $3 on the purchase of one Connect 4 game from Hasbro. Notice there are no travel size exclusions, which means you might be able to get a travel size game for very little. Check your local Target or Walmart, this will be a great item for the Easter baskets.

Thank you to Deal Wise Mommy for sharing this great coupon.